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Periodized Training for Jumpers
Date: December 2005
Opening Extract:
According to Boosey, the components of jumping training and performance are as follows:

- Endurance: Fartlek and cross country
- Speed: Intervals, starts, and specific runs to the take-off board or vault box.
- Strength/power: Strength training.
- Bounding: Multiple bounds, hopping, jumps decathlon.
- Technique: From major to minor skills changes.
Meeting the Challenge of 21st Century Coach Development
Date: August 2004
Opening Extract:
Coaches who need to be increasingly effective in their role, see personal development as a continuous process, pursuit of which is their own responsibility.

IAAF Member Federations have a responsibility for providing development opportunities for coaches, or facilitate acess to it.

Opportunity to progress is variously provided by Member Federations, Coach Education Bodies, National or Area Coaches Associations and IAAF.
Report - Academy for Council August 2004
Date: August 2004
Opening Extract:
The IAAF Coaches' Commission has decided during its first meeting in Budapest, HUN in March 2004 that the first activity of the IAAF Academy for Coaches will be a pilot course for Chief Coach.

Since this date the course has been set up and run, which is remarkable with regards to the tight time schedule.
IAAF e-letter for CECS Level II Coaches (No.3)
Date: June 2003
Opening Extract:
The Development Commission appointed in 2002 a working group to study the feasibility of an IAAF Academy.

The working group was formally commissioned to:

- Design an IAAF Academy to provide high quality programs of professional development opportunities and other services for coaches and other key personnel in the sport.
- Integrate the Academy's work with that of existing IAAF structures (Member Services Department, Regional Development Centres, Coaches Education and Certification System, etc.).
- Integrate the Academy's work with that of the IAAF Coaches Commission.
- Integrate the Academy's work with that of the six Area Coaches Associations.
- Design a system to measure coaching effectiveness.