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At the beginning of January 2004, after less than thirteen months of operation, the membership of the Oceania Athletics Coaches Association totalled 81, comprising 1 Corporate Member, and 80 Individual Members. The membership represented 10 of the Oceania Athletics Association's 19 national federation members. The membership has risen during the period under review and is now 110, comprising 109 Individual Members and 1 Corporate Member.


The following activities have been, or are being, conducted during the period from the beginning of January to the end of April 2004.

- Membership Drive During February a membership drive was commenced, targeting all national federations in the Oceania area, as well as a number of high profile coaches, with a view to encouraging membership of the Association. Copies of an OACA information flier giving details and benefits of membership of the Association, together with Application for Membership Forms, were sent with an accompanying letter from OACA President inviting membership. One of our targets is to have at least 1 member in each of the 19 Federations by the end of 2004.

- Council Meeting by email A Meeting of the Council planned for December 2003 during the Oceania Grand Prix in Brisbane had to be cancelled when the Grand Prix was re-scheduled for New Zealand, and financial constraints made it impossible to bring all Council Members together for a Meeting. The formal Meeting was replaced with one conducted by email. This occurred over the period from late December 2003 to mid February 2004. The meeting was structured so that Items of Business and Notes were prepared by Tony Rice (President) and Fletcher McEwen (Secretary/Treasurer) and then circulated to all Council Members for their comments, discussion and suggestions. Responses and comments were received from Council Members, providing input and further discussion on the items raised. A final meeting report was then produced. The process took nearly two months to complete. It provided a less than satisfactory option to a with members face-to-face at a meeting, and points to the necessity for Meetings to be conducted in the traditional way.

- Quarterly Newsletter It has been agreed that a high priority for the Association is to have a Newsletter regularly produced and circulated to all members. The first issue of OACA Newsletter for 2004 was compiled and distributed during February and March. The aim of the Newsletter is to keep all members and other interested persons and organisations informed of coaching and coach-related activities in the Oceania Area. Its content includes a calendar of competitions, details of major events, news of members, news of particular interest to coaches, rule changes, course information (including contacts for registration), useful websites, RDC news, HPTC news, recommended journals and publications, etc.. The newsletter is produced in separate English and French editions. In addition to OACA Members the newsletter is distributed to all Oceania AA national federations, to all Area Coaches Association Presidents, and a wide range of friends of OACA at no charge. The newsletter is distributed by email, with hard copies mailed only to those who do not have an email contact. Whilst this is a cost-effective option for distribution, experience is showing that some copies sent by email do not reach the desired destination.

- Meeting with NZ coaches to kick-start NZACA Tony Rice and Fletcher McEwen attended an open meeting of New Zealand coaches held in Wellington at the time of the New Zealand Athletics Championships during March. The purpose of the meeting was to promote and develop the New Zealand Athletics Coaches Association, which had been re-formed during 2003. The meeting was attended by more than thirty interested coaches, whilst many others who were unable to attend had expressed their support for the project. A steering committee under the presidency of Alec McNab, and with Anita Sutherland as secretary, was charged with a number of tasks for the near future, including formally calling for members, and setting out objectives for the short-term future.

- Needs and Services Questionnaire to Members A questionnaire to members regarding OACA's services, etc., is being distributed to find out what coaches in the Area expect or want from OACA. The questionnaire sets direct questions, including what services, etc., members currently use, or those they may use in the future. The questionnaire will also give us the opportunity to find out what services we do not currently provide which members might want to receive in the future. The questionnaire is being circulated to all individual and corporate members.


OACA Congress is held once every two years. Planning for future gatherings of OACA coaches are as follows:

- Planning for Palau 2005 OACA's second Biennial Congress will be held at Palau in 2005. As with the first Congress at Suva, Fiji, in July 2003, it will be held at the time of the South Pacific Mini Games. OACA Council has commenced planning for the Congress, and the exact dates will be confirmed later this year once the dates for the athletics programme at SPMG are confirmed.
Palau promises to be a spectacular location, and provides an opportunity for coaches to combine the Congress with a once in a lifetime holiday opportunity, if they wish to do so.
The Congress brochure will be available from May 2004 and include details of the dates and times of each Congress session, venue, main speakers and their topics, fees and deposits required, as well as travel and accommodation options and packages.
The Association is endeavouring to make available a number of scholarships or part-scholarships to assist some delegates to attend.

- Coaches House at Oceania Championships, Townsville, December 2004 OACA will conduct a Coaches House at the next Oceania Championships, which will be held at Townsville, Australia, during December. The Championships give a great opportunity for a gathering of athletics coaches from throughout the Oceania Area.
The Coaches House will take place during an evening at a venue to be confirmed. The purpose of the Coaches House will be:

- to allow a formal presentation during part of the evening on a topic of interest to Oceania coaches. This will last about half an hour, and will include the opportunity for those present to ask questions of the speaker about the topic.

- to allow coaches to meet with each other informally, in a social environment, to discuss items of mutual interest. Further details of the programme, including the date and time, the venue, the speaker and topic, and any costs to those attending, will be available later in the year.

Tony Rice President 14.4.04



EACA Congress 2006 Dublin
10/11/2006 to 12/11/2006
Dublin, Ireland
Elite Coach Course
10/12/2006 to 17/12/2006

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